Push Cloud

Cloud storage, visualizations, and automation for Niagara point data. Get started for free!


NiagaraMods Push Cloud is a service that allows you to push your station data from Niagara to our cloud servers. After pushing your data, it’s available instantly and from anywhere when you log in with your NiagaraMods account. You can provide a JSON data feed to developers, visualize histories with modern charts, build dashboards, and much more with our addon library.

Push Cloud Private Beta

Our Push Cloud service is currently in an invite-only private beta phase. If you are interested joining the private beta, reach out to us via chat or email hello@niagaramodules.com for an invite. The best way to find out about the public release is to sign up for our mailing list.

Effortless Setup

When you create a new Cloud Store, we’ll give you a private key. Simply add the PushCloudService to your Niagara station, enter your key, then select the points you want to include – that’s it. Your data will be flowing to the cloud in just a few minutes.


Cloud Backup

When hardware fails you don’t have to lose your historical data. Backing it up to a Cloud Store ensures that your data will be available even when your hardware is not.


View your data like never before with our library of responsive dashboard themes and customizable mobile-friendly charts and graphics.

Developer Access

Every Cloud Store has its own secure JSON feed. Provide this feed to developers and they can pull in your Niagara data to their software. With this strategy, there is no need to provide them access your on-site Niagara stations.


We use 256-bit end-to-end encryption when sending and receiving your data – the same encryption that is used in online banking and ecommerce. You can be assured that your data will be secure at all points of the process.

Bypass VPNs & Firewalls

Because our technology pushes data out of the Niagara station to a cloud store instead of trying to access the station directly it can bypass VPNs and firewalls on most networks.

Get Started for Free

Want to kick the tires and see what’s possible with the Push Cloud? After launch, we’ll offer free cloud stores to NiagaraMods members! For now, feel free to reach out for an invite to the private beta.

Do More with Addons

Addons allow you to visualize your data in different ways and connect it to a multitude of different services. From automatically uploading your data to an FTP server to beautiful dashboard themes, if you want to do something with your data, there’s probably an addon for it. If not, reach out to us and we can build it.